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Welcome to Berwick Insurance Group, a national independent marketing organization specializing in the distribution and sales of senior insurance products. Berwick Insurance stands out from the crowd as one of the nation’s leading agent recruitment and marketing organizations. It is Berwick Insurance’s ambition and commitment to compliance and production that has earned us the highest level contracts with the nation’s most reputable companies.

Berwick Insurance is proud of the National Marketing Alliance (NMA) partnership with UnitedHealthcare; as well as our affiliations with Mutual of Omaha, Humana and many more. Berwick Insurance is dedicated to the success of our independent agents and agencies. Our role is to assist agents in finding success in their chosen insurance industry through personalized services, best practices, continually expanding resources and much more. If you are ready to take your success to a new level, then we invite you to discover how Berwick Insurance Group is the clear choice to achieving your goals.

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Berwick Insurance Group is continually looking for motivated individuals who want to succeed in the Senior Insurance industry. Learn more about the benefits of joining Berwick Insurance Team.

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