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Why Sell Individual & Family Plans?

Continuous changes in the healthcare industry leave many Americans wondering what type of health insurance they should get. Since Covid, the number of Americans who lost their employer health insurance is staggering. Still today, 28 million Americans remain uninsured. This has created an unprecedented need for Insurance Agents to assist individuals and families with their health care plans. Statistics show most people do not want to buy insurance without the help of an Insurance Agent.

If you are still wondering if you should sell Individual and Family Plans, check out these facts and figures.

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Simple to Sell!

  • Quick Sales Process    >   Average appointment = 15 minutes
  • Write Family Policies    >  Average family size = 3.5
  • Affordable Coverage    >  80% qualify for a plan = $10.00 per month
  • Easy Certification         >   One Federal Certification = Approx. 30 minutes (CO, MD, WA require state cert)
  • Speedy Commissions  >  New sales pay weekly & Renewals pay monthly

Simple to Sell!

  • Quick Sales Process >
    Average appointment = 15 minutes
  • Write Family Policies >
    Average family size = 3.5
  • Affordable Coverage >
    80% qualify for a plan = $10.00 per month
  • Easy Certification >
    One Federal Certification = Approx. 30 minutes (CO, MD, WA require state cert)
  • Speedy Commissions >
    New sales pay weekly & Renewals pay monthly
happy insurance-less family
happy insurance-less family


Recession Proof!

  • People need health care & want guidance on picking the right plan
  • Enrollment increased in 47 states – up by 21% this year
  • Agents can write plans for a family in one meeting
  • Enroll members over-the-phone or in-person
  • Member premiums are often more affordable than employer plans
  • Subsidies help low-income households with monthly costs


Millions More Motives!

  • Millions of Eligible Prospects
  • Minimal Marketing Regulations
  • Helps Build Leads Pipeline for other products
  • Increases Client Loyalty
  • Carrier Bonuses/Trips


Increased Income!

Sell 2 plans a week


Even a small book of business provides substantial annual income!

Book of Business Annual Income
250 members $60,000
500 members $120,000
1000 members $240,000


Why Sell with Berwick Insurance Group?


Relationships are our priority, and we operate under the belief that we are not successful unless you are. It is this philosophy along with our ambition and reputation for excellence that has propelled us to be one of the nation’s top producing NMOs. As a Berwick Insurance partner, you receive superior support and services, one-on-one assistance, coaching and mentorship. Most importantly, we invest in the resources necessary to for you to grow your business. We believe being the best at what you do takes partnership and professionalism, and it should be fun, too! Work with Berwick Insurance and get the best of both worlds.

Unmatched Service & Support


This team stands out from the crowd with over 85 years of combined experience in design, copywriting, computer graphics, strategy development, planning and more. “Exceptional” is how agents describe our Marketing Services.

You Receive:
  • Lead Generation Assistance
  • One-on-one Consultations
  • Unique Ideas and Ad Templates
  • Marketing & Brand Building Strategies

Agent Support/Sales

“Accessibility” is key to ensuring you have the information you need to succeed. This caring supportive team is second-to-none in answering questions and addressing your needs.

You Have Access to:
  • Sales Experts
  • In-depth & Consistent Training
  • Best Practices
  • Dynamic Agent Portal


Our Compliance professionals are personable, prompt and they really know their stuff.

You Receive:
  • Personal Compliance Assistance
  • Easy-to-Understand Training
  • Do's & Don'ts Checklists
  • Individual Coaching & Communication


“Awesome” is the only way to describe this efficient detail-oriented team. As a Berwick agent, you always know exactly where you are in the contracting process.

You Receive:
  • Step-by-Step Assistance
  • Constant Communication
  • Personal Processing Guidance
  • Appeals Specialists


As a Berwick partner, you have unlimited access to tools and resources that make your job easier and give you the edge in today’s ever evolving marketplace.

Agency Dashboard
Increase Your Efficiency
  • Production Reports (downline agents )
  • Agency Communication Center
  • Real-time Contracting Requests & Statuses
  • YOY Sales Stats & Commission Loss Reports
Manage Your Day-to-Day Activities
  • Production Reports by Carrier, Product & Year
  • Carrier Certification & Appointment Tracking
  • Contract Request Button
  • Personal Profile

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Agent Portal
Exclusive Berwick Portal
  • Sales Tools
  • Marketing Catalogs & Materials
  • Compliance Guidelines
  • Extensive Training Library
  • Carrier Info & Portals



“What makes Berwick Insurance different from other NMOs?”

First, let’s address the elephant in the room…we are biased; we are Berwick Insurance; and will enthusiastically tell you why we are the best fit for you. Our philosophy is do what you love and who you do it with! When making your decision, you are going to want to know more about your NMO. Here are a few important factors about us.

Berwick Insurance is committed to developing true relationships with agents and agencies who share our passion for helping others and value the dedication it takes to succeed.

Our definition of integrity is to always do what we say we are going to do. Our company culture is to enjoy what we do and who we do it with. Our innovative thinking ensures you stay ahead of the competition.

Choosing the right NMO is crucial to success. You want a partner that’s experienced, supportive and adapts to your needs; that is proactive and listens to your perspective. We’re here to answer your questions and look forward to growing our businesses together.



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