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Berwick Insurance Group

Agent Support Team

Whether you’re new to Medicare or a veteran agent, you want someone to have your back! Berwick’s Sales experts will help you find the answers you need to take care of your clients – from the simplest of situations to the most complex questions, we are here for you!

Our Coaches are supportive, friendly and they know their stuff!! Like any great team, we train hard, practice diligently and celebrate our wins together!

Reyes Rivera

Reyes Rivera - Director of Agent Support

Alyssa Davila

Alyssa Davila - Sales Support Specialist

Shari Jean

Shari Jean - Agent Support Specialist

Jesse Rubio

Jesse Rubio - Agent Support Specialist

Amy Reynolds

Amy Reynolds - Agent Support Manager

Nicole Klass

Nicole Klass - Agent Support Specialist

Lucy Guerrero

Lucy Guerrero - Agent Support Specialist

Karina Velez

Karina Velez - Agent Support Specialist

Vanessa Parker

Vanessa Parker - Regional Director, Sales & Recruitment

Judy Daniels

Judy Daniels - Regional Director, Sales & Recruitment

Cesar Castilleja

Cesar Castilleja - Regional Director, Sales & Recruitment

Adriana Audino

Adriana Audino - Regional Director, Sales & Recruitment