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Berwick Insurance Group

Individual / Family Plans

Continuous changes in the healthcare industry leave many Americans wondering what type of health insurance they should get. Since Covid, the number of Americans who lost their employer health insurance is staggering. Still today, 28 million Americans remain uninsured. This has created an unprecedented need for Insurance Agents to assist individuals and families with their health care plans.

For 10 years, Berwick lead Arizona in IFP sales for a local carrier. At that time, we were not able to offer contracts to downline agents. Now, we are excited to offer agents the opportunity to sell IFP plans through Berwick. We continue to evaluate the needs of our agents/agencies and expand our carrier offerings as appropriate.
IFP Carriers

IFP sales is a renewal-based businesses. That means each year your income can increase just by keeping your clients on your books.

Individual & Family Plans

Monthly commissions add up quickly and even a small book of business generates substantial income!

IFP income chart