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Proprietary Platforms

Technology is the key to working efficiently! That’s why we provide you access to platforms designed specifically with your business in mind. We know what you need to make your job easier because we started out in this industry just like you!

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Your personalized portal has access to the carriers you contract with us, hundreds of unique marketing ideas and templates, everything you need to know about compliance, contracting info, and much more.

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  1. Our agency partners need access to their information and their downline agents. Knowledge is power and this proprietary platform provides you direct oversight to your downline agents.
    You receive access to:
  2.    • Downline agent/agency Production Reports & YOY sales stats so you can track sales and assist agents in growing their business.
  3.    • Agency Communication Center where you can send messages to your agents.
  4.    • Real-time Contracting Requests & Statuses insure you always know where your agents are in the process.
  5.    • Commission Loss Reports that help you identify when clients fall off your book of business!